#100kMasks Update: Live Stream on Facebook Live with Let's See Labs

#100kMasks Update: Live Stream on Facebook Live with Let's See Labs

Let’s See Labs is launching an emotionally-inspiring experiment this Monday (Jan 14th) at 6pm PT.  Join us via the Facebook Live Stream! If this concept sparks you, please share this opportunity with your extended network.

To learn more visit LetsSeeLabs.com and please join our Facebook community to stay updated as post-production content from this experiment becomes available!


SOURCING CHANGE FROM WITHIN: The Role of Self-Realization in Societal Change

Monday, Jan 14th // 6pm PT // 9pm ET

Four brilliant people will vulnerably share their stories of learning how to let go of blame, process traumas, learn to grapple with complex emotions, shed belief systems, and ultimately live with more capacity to show up in the world through love.

  • Eldra grew up immersed in violent gang life.

  • Aella was abused by her father and grew up in a fundamentalist household.

  • Jesse was a radicalizer of Jihadist ideologies.

  • Nicole was diagnosed with deadly cancer.

After we hear examples from our storytellers about their journey to access their authentic selves, Ashanti Branch will then bring these concepts into practice through an engaging exercise. In addition, he will help us learn how we can relate with children to stay connected to their core as they grow up in a world attempting to influence them in conformist ways.

EVENT LINK: https://www.facebook.com/events/959687591085788/

EVER FORWARD Blog - coming soon!

We have not been utilizing this part of our website in the most efficient way…. to be honest we have not used it at all.

This is our first blog post and it is to tell you to STAY TUNED.

We have a lot to say,

We are doing a lot of work

We are making an Impact locally and globally



WE TURN 15 years as an organization and perhaps you know how much Teens have to say, when we give them space to have a voice that is.

I think the highlight for this first episode should be #TheQuince

#TheQuince is going to be an amazing celebration of 15 years of The Ever Forward Club……

May 25-26, 2019