Topic: "Taking Off the Mask": Working with School-Age Boys with Ashanti Branch

When: Tuesday, October 17, 2017, 9:00am - 12:30pm

Where: The California Endowment - 
Oakland Conference Center
2000 Franklin Street, Oakland, CA 94612

Cost: $11.54 (includes continental breakfast and ticketing fees)

Through presentation, hands on activities, and film, this workshop will introduce participants to the world of gender-specific support groups, with a focus on school-age boys and our societal notions of "masculinity". Far too often urban young men of color have to navigate the complex world of school, home, and the streets by themselves. Issues like fitting in, self-esteem, trauma, loss, body image and the pressures of life keep many youth from realizing their full potential inside and outside of school. Moreover, school rarely provides a safe space in which young men can talk about the trials and tribulations of growing up.

Participants will experience The Ever Forward Club’s signature workshop, Taking off the Mask, which provides a space for educators to get real about the challenges that they are facing as educators in this work. We believe that there needs to be a shift in our educators and youth workers that will help them deepen their connection to themselves, their teams and the youth they work with.

Objectives of Workshop:

  • Adding to individuals emotional toolbox.

  • Awakening individuals to strategies for dealing with life’s challenges more alive.

  • Emphasizing each other’s uniqueness and similarities as individuals.

  • Building a community of educators and youth workers who are ready to support students through building a powerful team and a lasting social network for their lives.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: The workshop is primarily for those working directly with youth and will be heartfelt in nature rather than an intellectual note-taking session. The workshop will be open to adults who are already working with young men, want to try to contribute to the community through leadership, or are raising a boy and want to learn how to build a lasting emotional connection.

TRANSPORTATION AND PARKING: The California Endowment is accessible by BART (19th Street, Oakland - use the 20th Street exit). Street and bike parking is available. To view nearby parking lots and for directions, click here.

BREAKFAST: Coffee/tea and pastries will be available in the morning only.