The Ever Forward Club’s (EFC) Taking Off The Mask workshop helps to unlock organizational potential by cultivating emotional intelligence and psychological safety in the workplace.  Recent research from Google, Harvard, and other institutions suggest that the most critical factor for team effectiveness is “psychological safety” - an environment with a high degree of interpersonal trust and respect where team members can take risks without concern of embarrassment, rejection, or punishment.  Through its bold and innovative approach, Taking Off The Mask challenges leaders and team members to reconsider how they show up at work – and transform the way they interact with and relate to each other.  


Taking Off The Mask is a highly experiential, 2.5-hour workshop that creates a safe space for individuals and teams to engage in an uncommonly open, honest dialogue.  EFC recognizes that each person has a set of shared human needs - for support, expression, recognition, meaning, and connection.  By closing the gap between who we are on the inside and who we show up as at work, we create more meaningful connections, healthier communication, deeper engagement - and ultimately more powerful results.  All workshops are led by EFC’s Executive Director and Founder, Ashanti Branch.

Sample Schedule

15 min: Welcome & Introductions

15 min: Defining a Mask

35 min: Exercise: Taking off the Mask & Reflections

35 min: Exploring beneath The Mask & Reflections

20 min: Call to action and discussion of new ideas/strategies

10 min: Final Reflections

15 min: Closing & Mingling

Past Clients & Engagements

Past Clients & Engagements

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