Engage 100,000 people from all over the world in self-reflection
by Taking Off Their Masks; Ever Forward Club Style! 



To help our young people, adults, and community gain a deeper understanding of how much we have in common. People all over the world can understand the concept of wearing a mask and working hard to Ignore those things in our lives that we don't think that people would understand. This collection of masks will help us to gather a deeper understanding of people all over the world and to show how connected we really are when it comes to the Masks we live in.



Below are the FRONT and BACK of a postcard that we are sending all over the world.


STEP 1: DOWNLOAD and PRINT the postcards on this page or just use a blank sheet of copy paper and invite your school/class/friends and/or family to participate.

STEP 2: FOLLOW the instructions on the card (Please invite your school/class/friends and/or family to participate!)

STEP 3: SEND US THE CARD by one of our many options listed on the card. For Schools or Large Groups inside the United States, send us an email and we will mail postcards to you.

Thank you for joining the #100kMasks Challenge; We look forward to welcoming you to our community.

We welcome you to our community.


Text to 510.854.6794

Email to everforwardclub@gmail.com

Instagram Direct Message: @everforwardclub

Twitter Private Message: @everforwardclub

Postal Mail (Address Below)

Ever Forward - 100kMasks
1714 Franklin St. #100-337
Oakland, CA 94612-3409

Take a look at our Masks:

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